Dayton Metro Library, Dayton, Ohio
Client: LWC, Inc., Dayton, Ohio

Not only did this image require combining a number of different exposures through HDR (high dynamic range) processing, but also, as so often happens, being there at the right time. My client wanted photos of this new libarry when there was snow on the ground, but the challenge was to find a day when there was enough snow to look nice, not so much snow that I couldn't get there, and to capture the scene before the snow had been trampled or plowed. I also had to be available! But I got lucky. There was just the right amount of snow overnight and I was able to get there before dawn, while it still looked pure. Another advantage of shooting in the early dawn was that it was easy to see into the building; the building wasn't open yet, but enough lights were on to give depth to the subject.