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Ratio Architects
Indianapolis, Indiana

Mulberry Field, Zionsville, Indiana

Roundabouts, WestClay, Indiana

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Wright Dunbar Plaza, Dayton, Ohio

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Miller Park, Bloomington, Illinois

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WestClay, Indiana

Assignment: The Village of WestClay, Indiana, is a planned unit development between Carmel and Zionsville, north of Indianapolis. The goal of this assignment was to illustrate the richness, variety and ambience of this community for marketing and other promotional purposes.

(Please note that only a representative selection of images is shown for this project.)

Simon Building, Indianapolis, Indiana

Assignment: Ratio Architects designed both the Simon Building and the park adjacent to it. The purpose of this assignment was to illustrate the ground-level features for marketing and other promotional purposes.

Main Street, Nashville, Indiana

Assignment: Nashvile, Indiana, is a popular destination for people who desire a glimpse of "Small town America." Graced by many small shops and good restaurants, I know from personal experience that this is a fine place to spend a day -- or more -- and was honored to be chosen to photograph this project. Main Street needed an upgrade. In 2006, Nashville implemented Phase I of a plan that had been brewing for many years: one block of Main Street (including sidewalks) was completely removed and rebuilt. Ratio Architects, working closely with city administrators, developed a design that adds warmth and class to the community, while integrating with the surrounding architecture. One of their goals was that, upon completion, visitors familiar with the town would sense that it had been improved, but that the improvements would not "scream out." The results, in my estimation, are extremely successful. From a photographic standpoint, however, the challenge was to tell the story about the improvements without over-emphasizing them, while dealing with omnipresent tourists and non-photogenic vehicles parked up and down the street.

Regester Building, Bloomington, Indiana

Assignment: Exterior and interior photos for marketing purposes.  Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University, has for some years been experiencing healthy growth.  The Regester Building has become a central feature of the downtown area, artfully combining residential, commercial and parking facilities.

Miller Showers Park, Bloomington, Indiana

Assignment: This long, narrow park, considered the gateway to Bloomington from the north, is a model for ecological landscape architectural design.  Water from surrounding neighborhoods drains into this basin, which has been constructed with multiple settling ponds and aeration points, to purify the water before it enters the natural drainage for the region.  Ratio Architects also included many human amenities into the design, such as observation points, seating, walkways, sculptures and acoustical elements, such as waterfalls.  The photographic challenge centered on the fact that this park is spread out over several blocks and the natural plantings had not yet had an opportunity to mature.  However, by focusing on the waterways and the various structures, I was able to convey a sense of the inspiration and creativity with which natural and manmade elements have been allowed to coexist in harmony.

Valley Eye Institute, Sidney, Ohio

Assignment: Capture the ambience of this eye-care facility, which has been carefully designed to balance natural and artificial light, and to create visual interest while being restful to the eye.