This image is a photo illustration. Move your mouse onto and off of it to see a direct "before-and-after" comparison with the original photographs. This illustrates several techniques I can draw upon in producing a compelling image that effectively tells the architect's story.  In this instance, it was important to show that this facility is composed of many buildings, which are spread out over a large area.  Had I backed off enough to capture the entire complex with even my widest-angle lens, it would not have made an interesting composition, nor would it have highlighted the rich use of materials, textures and design details that give this structure its personality and appeal.  So I carefully chose the best position from which to tell the story; from there, the building subtended an angle of about 150 degrees.  To capture this extreme angle, I made two exposures (the "before" shots) using a wide-angle lens, then digitally combined them.  In comparing the "before" images to the final illustration, you will also notice that I have cleaned up many extraneous details, put in grass on the right side and used a more interesting sky.  The result is a realistic, very high-resolution illustration, capable of being reproduced at large scale, that tells a story about this facility, its innovative layout, the warmth and richness of its design, and the skills of the architects.

Stillwater Center (MRDD), Dayton, Ohio

Clients: Brown & Bills Architects, Inc., Dayton, OH and NBBJ, Columbus, OH