This image is a photo illustration. Move your mouse onto and off of it to see a direct "before-and-after" comparison with the original photograph. This shows how I can compensate for less-than-ideal conditions at the time of a site visit, through the use of various digital techniques. In this instance, my goal was to put primary emphasis on the courthouse as it appears at dusk, despite the fact that it is surrounded by tall buildings and is therefore in shadow; the courthouse is quite dark relative to the surrounding buildings and the sky. It was only possible to capture the desired balance of colors and values by combining several exposures and making extensive adjustments to hue, brightness and saturation. You will also notice on the "before" image that the second flag from the left is wrapped around its support cable; by making two exposures of the building at different times, then cutting and pasting one of the other flags into that position (and compensating for perspective), I was able to make it appear as it is supposed to.

Old Dayton Courthouse (restoration), Dayton, Ohio

Client: Jeff Wray Architects, Dayton, Ohio