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The photographs seen on this website are available either as prints or as digital files.

PRINTS: I custom-make each exhibition-quality print myself to meet your specific needs. Please keep in mind that the process of printing is time consuming and meticulous, because I run test prints and make subtle adjustments to ensure that each print meets my high standards (I do not simply punch the "print" button!). This is how I maintain total control over the final result. Due to the variety of the sizes and proportions of the images, the price of each print is calculated according to its area, at a rate of $0.75 (US) per square inch. For example, an image that measures 16" x 20" is 320 square inches and the price is therefore $240 (plus tax, shipping and handling, as appropriate). The area refers to the image itself, but take note that, to facilitate matting, each image is printed with a white border on all four sides, which is not included in the price calculation (i.e., a 16" x 20" image may be printed on a sheet of paper that is 17" x 21", leaving a 1/2" border). Prints are only available unmounted, shipped in a large-diameter mailing tube to minimize curling. At this time, the largest image I can print is 16" x 35". Before placing an order, please contact me directly to discuss your specific needs and to get an exact quote; just click on the CONTACT button above. Once we agree on the details, fill out and mail me an order form (click on the ORDER FORM button above, which brings up a PDF document for printing), together with a check made out to "Ken Schory" for the full amount (I do not take credit cards). Unless I am away from my studio for an extended time, I can usually fill orders within one week of receipt of payment.

DIGITAL FILES: For printing at larger sizes or for uses other than wall display, you may purchase limited rights to use my images. For such use, I would provide you with a high-resolution TIFF-formatted digital file, optimized for the size you specify. The price for such use depends on size, quantity of reproductions and other factors. Contact me directly to discuss your interests.

Please note that this is a one-person business; you will be interacting with me directly. I love what I do and I go to great lengths to make my customers happy. I am as passionate about the quality of the prints and digital files I produce as I am about the art of fine photography and my relationship with the natural world, the Web of Life. If you enjoy my images and share my vision, I would be honored to work with you!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these images is donated for the protection of the environment.