I'm sure you've noticed by now that there are no people visible in my landscape photos. There are also very few animals. That is because wildlife photography is a very different discipline, requiring different equipment and techniques. I prefer to photograph subjects that don't move, and to take a slow, deliberate, methodical approach to making my images. By the time I'm ready to release the shutter, an animal could be in the next county. But this image is an exception, and you may see more images that include animals in the future.

If so, they will probably be similar to this, in that the animal will be shown in its context as a relatively small feature of the image (also see Images #9139 and #0963). In this instance, I wanted to tell a story about the heron, rather than take a photo of it. There's a big difference between the two. You may see in this image some influence of the Canadian painter Robert Bateman, which I readily acknowledge. I admire his work greatly; he, too, shows animals in their habitat.

Incidentally, this image, made in 2005, is one of the first I captured digitally; all subsequent images on this website were also captured digitally.