My wife Joyce and I had spent a weekend at Watoga State Park in West Virginia, hoping to photograph spring wildflowers. But we didn't plan it right. Back home, they were coming on strong. But here, at a somewhat higher elevation, they weren't out, yet. We considered just taking the most direct route home, but decided to get up early and explore some back roads first.

Not long after sunrise, we came around a bend and there before us was an expanse of gently rolling farmland veiled in fog and, as luck would have it, a spot where I could pull off the road. I grabbed the camera, hopped a fence, and struck out over the crest of a hill to get this shot -- trespassing, perhaps, but please don't tell anyone. At this point, I forgot all about the wildflowers.

And that's how it goes with photography: It pays to be flexible, to be an opportunist. Remain open to possibilities and don't be disappointed if you don't get the shots you planned to get -- there are lots more out there! Also, when you see a photo opportunity, TAKE IT! There may never again be a moment like that.